A new addition to ‘What the Fruit Range’

Happy St Patrick’s Day!🍀 In our household, the 17th of March is a special day as it is my mom's (Gonie’s) birthday. My mom has the belief that she is part Irish as she was born on St Patrick’s day. Happy birthday, Mom!💚
In dedication to her and the day of celebrating green, we launch our crunchy green No.7 Apple Atchar 🍏. It has the perfect levels of sweet, salty, spicy, and sour.
The first time that my dad and I tasted apple pickle was about 10 years ago which was made by my Aunty Molly who is my grandmother's (Ma’s) younger sister. It was absolutely delicious. We were inspired by this unique offering and wanted to include this as a part of our ‘What the Fruit Range’🥭🍒🍯🍏
Since mid-February, we have been sending out samples of the Apple Atchar to test this with our customers. It was such a hit that @leighanne_pather asked us if it was apart of our range already as she wanted to put in her order for 3 jars.
Customer Testimonial:
“The Apple is so delicious it needs to be added to your menu – so yummy. My 7-year-old ate the entire 2 tubs.”
@juliacook7 due to your relentless asking around whether we plan to introduce an Atchar to our range and because we like to meet our customers in their requests we now introduce you to our radical take on a South African classic - the Atchar.