Like father, like daughter...

My mom to this very day will always say, “You are your father's daughter”. In a lot of ways, my dad and I are very similar. We of course have our individuality but there are a lot of noticeable similarities. And as I get older I see more and more of my dad in me. Sometimes scary how alike our thought process is.
To name a few of those noticeable similarities:
- We can both wake up in the morning and eat curry for breakfast. 🍛 Not something that my mom, sister and actually most people can do.
- I always had a flair for the arts from a very young age. As a family, we always wondered where this inclination towards the arts came from. My dad started dabbling in the arts much later on in life. It was only apparent then, he too had a natural affinity to the arts and more specifically painting. We have a few of both of our pieces dotted around the family home. 🎨
- We both see the world in black and white. From our perspective and how we see the world there is wrong and there is right and there is very little space or room for the grey areas. This maybe to our detriment sometimes but it is the way we are wired in our core. ⚫⚪
- I was about 21 at the time, and I decided to make a meal for my folks. I said to my dad, “How come Ma’s (in reference to my grandmother) food is better than mine?”. To which his response was “Suvania, that is because Ma cooks with PASSION and not fashion”. Needless to say, I certainly found my passion for cooking in my later years and this has certainly been enhanced by my dad's explorative approach to meal time and always trying something new in the kitchen. 😍🍴😋
- Let's not forget the curly hair, sense of style and fashion 👩‍🦱😎