We wanted to do our take on the classic tomato sauce and then of course the traditional chilli sauce.
We thought, why not combine the two classics with an Artisanal Spice twist on them.
So here we have it folks, our own personal take on bringing two classics together by elevating the humble 🍅tomato by sun drying them for more intensity of flavour. This process of sunkissing brings more depth of flavour to this dark sauce.
There are lots of peri-peri's so why not introduce a different kind of heat with the orange chilli pepper bursting with flavour and heat - the 🌶️habanero.
Your palette is first hit by the sweet & tangy sundried tomato and then the spicy habanero starts to trickle in. This is definitely for the spice lovers🔥🔥🔥... But let us also assure you, it will also not blow your socks off. Flavour is more important to us than heat.
Great with 🍟fries, samoosas, springrolls and so much more.