Tracing back the steps to where it all began...

On my dad's paternal side of the family they have been farming since the 1930's.
Tilling soil goes back even further as our ancestors left India to seek the promise land; South Africa in 1860 as indentured labourers planting and farming sugar cane in Kwa Zulu Natal.
My grandparents lived in Driefontein where my grandfather (Chin or Thatha) was a school principal and my grandmother (Alima or Ma) was a stay at home mom. My Ma was an incredible home cook and her specialities were pickles, jams and preserves. She would be summoned by neighbouring families to make pickles by the bucket loads for their children's weddings.
My dad started cooking and helping his mom in the kitchen at the age of 5. You can now see how the memories and experiences around food, farming and cooking have been passed down from one generation to another. My dad also has the green fingers and has been propagating curry leaf in our backyard for years.
Going to the farm yesterday truly warmed my heart, it took me back to my families roots and allowed me a small view into the lives of those who have passed on but live on in us. It allowed us to connect with them through this land and relive the memories that are carved in the old blue gum trees and the whistling sugar cane fields.
Eternally grateful for our Driefontein farm visit yesterday.