WE GOT INTO KAMERS MAKERS - SA's Original Artisan 'Up-Market' @kamersvol

WE GOT INTO KAMERS MAKERS - SA's Original Artisan 'Up-Market' @kamersvol
This is a big one folks as KAMERS/Makers mantra is FOR THE COOLEST STUFF YOU'VE NEVER SEEN! The Artisanal Spice team presented to the creative team a couple of weeks back and needless to say it was an incredible experience. We are over the moon and thrilled about this amazing opportunity!
KAMERS/Makers Celebrates The Artisan Way
Every year the KAMERS/Makers creative team spends weeks curating the perfect mix of proudly local, lovingly handcrafted decor, fashion, design, food and more from hundreds of hopeful artisan entrepreneurs. All to create unique and unforgettable experiences at stunning venues around the country.
To a national treasure
From this first KAMERS show – where just 40 makers hosted 800 visitors – KAMERS/Makers has indeed become a phenomenon, with our 5 national shows now seeing more than 60 000 visitors taking their personal picks of more than 600 Makers in Cape Town, Jozi, Bloem, Stellenbosch and Pretoria!
What makes KAMERS/Makers unique?
If there is a single phrase that can sum up the KAMERS/Makers ethos, it might be this…
Gentle and genuine
From the start, KAMERS/Makers has been about sharing and supporting. With a historical focus on female SA entrepreneurs in an era where retail was a challenge for women, we’ve always valued sisterhood and family in our team and have worked tirelessly to offer support ‘as a family’ to all our suppliers.
A KAMERS/Makers show is most certainly a GENTLE experience – a free-flowing celebration of things fresh and unique, of handmade artistry and face-to-face encounters with those who produce it. Fine food and music in stunning locations complete the magic.
We are GENUINE in that we aim to break new ground by sourcing proudly South African creative talent and innovative product ideas that are exclusive, creative and retail focused, while offering a nurturing environment and safe space for small businesses to grow.